5 Summer Budgeting Tips

It’s summer! Longer days, fun vacations, poolside barbeques and no school. It’s a fun-filled time of year when families and friends have the chance to reconnect. It’s also an expensive season. From plane tickets, hotels, festivals and weddings to extra childcare expenses, your finances can be quickly derailed if you aren’t careful.

Not to worry! You can still take advantage of summer fun, but stay on track for your financial goals. Here are a few money-saving tips.

Save during the year. Putting away money throughout the year, even as little as $50, can help you when it comes to your summer spending. A great option is Pennian Bank’s Vacation Club, a savings account that lets you save specifically for vacations.

Take advantage of free activities. This is a great time of year for outdoor events in your community, which are free or low-cost. Check with your local Visitor’s Bureau, Community Associations and State Parks for a schedule of planned events throughout the season.

Create a summer wish list with budget. Sit down with your family and list out everything you’d like to do during the summer months. Whittle that list down to what you can reasonably make happen and assign a budget to each item. This will help you stay focused on planning the activities that are important to you, while keeping a realistic budget.

Have a garage sale. Make some extra cash to put toward that summer wish list with a garage sale! Not only will it help you eliminate clutter, but also it will help fund summer plans.

Travel smart. Look at travel specials and stay flexible. It’s typically less expensive to travel during the week, which can help you save money. When you’re on vacation, cook some meals where you are staying, if possible. Eating out is one of the most costly parts of vacationing, so cutting out a couple of meals could save you loads!

You can still have tons of fun this summer without breaking the bank!

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