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At Pennian Bank, we offer personalized, consultative wealth management services for customers in Central Pennsylvania. Our experienced staff knows that when it comes to your money and planning for your future, you need a partner who will help protect your assets and build your financial legacy. Whether you are just starting out, saving for college or planning for retirement, our wealth management team can provide the best option for your unique financial situation.

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Pennian Bank Wealth Management Group offers a range of solutions including:

  • Investment management – Our team can help provide customized solutions for your investment needs.
  • Financial planning – Whether your plans are long-term or short-term, we will provide professional guidance to help you reach your financial goals.
  • Trust and Estate services – Our experienced team can help you with administering trusts, planning estates, guardianship accounts and more. 
  • Retirement planning options – We provide comprehensive retirement services for our customers in Central Pennsylvania. 
Kimberly A. Benner
Kimberly A. Benner

Executive Vice President and Director of Wealth Management

717-436-2144 ext. 25020
Brian A. Hummel
Brian A. Hummel

Vice President, Pennian Bank; Financial Consultant, Cetera Investment Services LLC

Eric Pasquini, CRPC, RICP
Eric Pasquini, CRPC, RICP

Vice President, Pennian Bank; Financial Advisor, Cetera Investment Services LLC

Kayelene Sunderland
Kayelene Sunderland

Vice President and Trust Officer

717-436-2144 ext. 25025

Quick Comparison of Account Services

Type of Account ServiceCustodyInvestment Management AccountRevocable Trust
Professional, full-time supervision for your invested funds
We act on your behalf or submit recommendations for your approval, as you prefer
Collection of income, record-keeping and periodic reports
Freedom to change your instructions or cancel the service
Safekeeping of assets, consolidated tax reporting
Lifetime protection, making it possible for us to use principal and income for your benefit, pay bills and attend to other financial matters in the event of your incapacity
Continuity of service for the benefit of others following your death, without “probate” delays
Reduction in expenses relating to settlement of your estate
Opportunity to save estate taxes at death of surviving spouse or other beneficiaries you have named

Quick Comparison of Account Services

Type of AccountTax AdvantagesBenefits
CustodyNoneEasy to set up, consolidated record-keeping, retained investment authority
Investment ManagementNoneEasy to set up, receive professional investment advice or asset management services
Revocable TrustNoneProvides professional asset management, continuous financial protection upon incapacity, avoids probate in many states, can continue for other beneficiaries
Marital Deduction TrustFull federal estate deferral in most casesSpouse receives lifetime trust income, may direct ultimate distribution of trust assets.
Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust (QTIP Trust)Full estate tax deferralSpouse receives lifetime income, appropriate for “blended families” – children’s interest normally can’t be changed by spouse
Bypass TrustNo federal estate tax, possibly for decadesUp to $5.49 million protected in 2017 (subject to unified credit limits set by federal government) with commensurate federal estate tax savings
Spendthrift TrustNoneTrust Assets are protected from the beneficiary’s creditors
Special Needs TrustNoneMay provide for enhanced quality of life while permitting continued government benefits.
Generation Skipping TrustNo generation-skipping tax added to estate tax, can possibly be protected for generationsUp to $5.49 million protected in 2017 (subject to limits set by federal government) with commensurate federal estate tax savings
Charitable Remainder TrustIncome gift and estate tax deductionsTax advantages make philanthropic goals easier to achieve

Pennian Investment Services

Pennian Investment Services is where you’ll find investment and insurance products and services offered through Cetera Investment Services LLC, Investment Calculators and Consumer Resources.

Please note that all of the above are but brief descriptions of the comprehensive services offered by Pennian Wealth Management Group. Contact 717-436-2144.

Depending on the type of investment, your investment may be subject to fluctuations in market value. It is important to note that investments with the Trust Department are not FDIC insured. Investments with the trust department are not a deposit, not guaranteed by the bank, and not insured by any federal government agency and can be subject to a loss of principal.

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