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Please mail forms to: 1 State Street 30th Floor, New York, NY 10004-1561
Questions can be directed to or call 212-509-4000.

Transfer Agent

First Community Financial Corporation, has appointed Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company (“CSTT”) as its stock transfer agent and registrar. CSTT is now responsible for maintaining all shareholder records and responding to inquiries of registered shareholders.

CSTT is the longest standing and largest US-owned transfer agent in North America, providing transfer agent services to public and private companies since 1964. We look forward to working with you as it relates to your shareholder account. 

Financial Reports

Stock Sales and Trades

For questions, please contact Jennifer Mahoney at or by calling 717-436-2144 ext. 20124.

Neither the Corporation or the Bank, nor their respective Directors, officers or employees, is making any representation or warranty regarding any price “asked” by any Seller, nor are any of them providing any advice regarding the merits or shortcomings of any trade or the value of Corporation common stock. The Corporation and the Bank do not assure that any particular transaction will or should occur as to any particular number of shares or at any particular price.

All applicable state and federal securities laws (including registration, anti-fraud and anti-manipulation provisions) apply to any offer made or transaction consummated pursuant to this information. Each Buyer and Seller is responsible for his or her own compliance with such laws.

Any person that is a broker-dealer, an associated person of a broker-dealer or who has a state securities license, is responsible for disclosing that fact.

This information reports per share prices at which Corporation common stock has actually traded in private transactions during the periods and on the dates indicated of which the Corporation has knowledge.

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