Debit Card Safety

Debit card security

Simple debit card safety tips to help keep your accounts secure.

Fraudsters have become increasingly adept at getting cardholders to share personal information in order to commit fraud. As a result, debit cards now have an added protective feature, the EMV chip, which encrypts information when used at a chip-enabled terminal, in stores or even at ATMs. As you probably know, the security chip does not provide full proof protection from fraud.

Here are some debit card safety and security tips we’ve put together to help keep your information and money safe:

  • Be sure you are on a password-protected wireless signal before accessing your online account and making purchases.
  • Always be sure to shop securely online. Before entering your card number, look for the locked padlock icon in your browser.
  • Be sure to keep your information current with your bank so they are able to contact your quickly in the event of suspicious activity.
  • Sign up for alerts to help keep tabs on your debit card.
  • With online and mobile banking at your fingertips, it’s important to monitor your account regularly.
  • Do not share your debit card number with anyone.
  • If you receive a call from someone needing you to verify your card number or PIN, hang up the phone immediately and reach out to your bank.
  • Do not carry your PIN with you. This is a number that you need to commit to memory.
  • Anytime you enter your PIN, be sure to conceal your code as best you can.
  • Try to limit your ATM use to an ATM attached to a bank or credit union. Fraudsters have been known to put a tricky little device called a skimmer on ATMs (especially stand-alone ones) to help them gather card numbers and PINs entered.
  • If you suspect your debit card has been lost or stolen, contact the bank as soon as possible.

While these steps can help prevent debit card fraud, you must know there are still risks involved. It’s important to be vigilant and if you ever suspect fraud, contact your bank right away.

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