Financial Education in Schools

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Statistics show that financial education is missing in most homes and school systems throughout the country. However, recent data indicates that more than 84% of people across the U.S. believe that financial literacy should be taught in schools. As a Bank, it is extremely important for us to do our part in setting the next generation up for success. It is our hope that creating healthy economic habits at a young age will help them avoid financial struggles in the future. A foundation of financial literacy can make all the difference.

How we’re making a difference.
We have provided local schools with an award-winning financial literacy program called Banzai. Banzai’s web-based interactive modules, workbooks and educational content are all provided to local educators free of charge.

Danielle Mummah, teacher at Juniata High School, has been using the program for more than two years and said that it was especially helpful during the pandemic.

“Students were able to do it at home on their iPads,” she said.

The program gives each student their own account and they work through assignments based on real-life scenarios, including paying bills and maintaining a budget. Sometimes unexpected expenses pop up, such as parking tickets, interest charges and dreaded overdraft fees!

Danielle commented that it was an eye-opening experience for her students. Life’s financial emergencies took the students by surprise. “The program has helped them tremendously to see real-life and real-work situations. For example, if they didn’t purchase renter’s insurance they were quickly show the importance of it,” said Danielle.

How you can help.   
Teaching your child does not mean you have to be a financial expert. Try to have your child set a savings goal and give them opportunities to earn money to get there. Take them to the bank and help them open an account. Let them handle the budget for a grocery trip. The more they are involved at an early age, the better off they will be. Practice makes perfect…and while we know nobody is perfect when it comes to finances, practice certainly will pay off in the long-run.

How to sign up for Banzai.
Teachers can sign up here.

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