Financial Literacy in Schools

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Financial literacy is something that can be commonly overlooked as a part of education curriculum for students. Skills like budgeting, savings and understanding credit are important pieces of financial information that are crucial to life after school.

As a community bank, Pennian understands the importance of teaching children valuable money management skills that will translate to the real world. While learning to write a check is still something everyone should know how to do, in a world of digital everything, it’s valuable to know all the ways finances are handled.

We have partnered with Banzai, a web-based simulation game, and made it available to our local high schools. Students are given a salary, bills to pay and financial decisions to make. They will learn about the right way to use a credit card, what a credit score is and why you should save money. The interactive nature of the game puts students in the driver’s seat, teaching them about life’s unexpected expenses and how to make sound financial decisions.

And it’s having an impact on our students! Here are just a few things students have to say about their experience:

“Living in the real world is difficult and cars break down more than I thought they would!”
“Unexpected expenses come out of nowhere and you need to be able to accommodate your budget for them.”
“Renter’s insurance is crucial.”
“Although $2,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of money to save, it is difficult when there are unexpected circumstances.”

Banzai is currently available courtesy of Pennian Bank free of charge to the following area schools:

Ask you child or teacher if they have heard of Banzai! Visit Banzai’s website for more information.

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