Connecting with your community through your bank

Connecting with your community through your bank

With more options than ever, it’s no wonder choosing a bank for yourself or your business can be overwhelming. While financial benefits like lower rates and fees reign supreme in the decision-making process, there’s more to a bank than just the numbers.

Community Banks: Investing in the Local Community

Community banks, in particular, provide essential financial services while investing in local residents, businesses, and organizations. The benefits of community banks, such as Pennian Bank, go beyond what larger bank counterparts offer.

A community bank, according to the FDIC, is any locally owned and operated bank that is less than $10 billion in assets. Community banks, like Pennian Bank, provide benefits to the area that are not offered by their larger bank counterparts.

Benefits of Community Banks For Your Business

When considering where you or your business should put its money, think about the advantages and benefits of community banks:

Benefits to the Local Economy

When your business deposits money with a national bank, you can’t be quite sure what geographic area your money will support. A community bank, on the other hand, invests money right back into the local economy. Your deposits and loan dollars are directly supporting the residents and organizations of your community. Additionally, you’re helping to fund local jobs. Keeping community banks afloat means keeping jobs in the area for a healthy local economy.

More than Just the Numbers

If your business is looking for a loan, a community bank is a better bet against the megabanks. While they tend to look strictly at numbers, local banks can take more into account than simply credit score and dollars. They’re able to look at the entire relationship, understand your business strategy, and help you succeed in your future plans. Community bankers are truly partners in your business’s success.

Decisions Made Locally

This means fewer hoops to jump through and quicker turn-around times. We all know that time is a valuable resource when you are running a business.

Committed to the Community

Local banks are committed to improving the lives of the residents they serve. Through financial assistance for organizations from local schools to food banks, it’s an important part of a community bank’s mission to provide crucial funding for these groups. Pennian Bank has even created a unique way of giving back with the Local First Program, which supports local organizations with quarterly donations.

Experience the Benefits of Community Banking

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of community banking, the professionals at Pennian Bank are ready to assist you with your financial needs. With 10 offices in Juniata, Perry, and Cumberland Counties, there is someone local to speak with you about your financial goals.

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