Where you bank matters to your community

Community Banking Month at Pennian Bank

April is Community Banking Month, something we hold near and dear to our hearts here at Pennian Bank!

Have you ever wondered if it makes a difference where you deposit your hard-earned money?

We’re here to tell you it does!

Banking locally supports small businesses, and according to the Independent Community Bankers Association, ICBA, collectively, community banks make more than 60% of small-business loans, more than 80% of agriculture loans, and contribute tax dollars that help maintain local municipalities. In addition, community banks are locally owned and operated businesses themselves, which means we are part of the economic engines that create 62 percent of new jobs annually, according to the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA).

Unlike larger banks, local banks reinvest in our community. Your deposits and loan dollars directly support local residents and organizations. Community banks also create jobs, which are beneficial for a healthy, local economy. We are dedicated to offering financial services for everyone, making banking more attainable to local residents.

According to the ICBA, community banks are preferred small business lenders, with an 81% net satisfaction score compared to 68% for large banks and 43% for online lenders. When customers contact us, you can expect personalized service to best meet your financial goals.  

Why choose a community bank?

  • Relationship-based banking
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Decisions with the community in mind
  • Higher ethical standards
  • Stability
  • Give back to the community

There are more financial institutions to choose from than ever before. We hope that you recognize that choosing a local bank is an investment in your community. When you and your bank are both invested in the same place, you can count on your money being used to strengthen the community and support organizations that make our communities a better place to live and work.

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